Are you looking for quality, knowhow and commitment?

Our aim is to be more than only
a supplyer of detergents.

We would like to be your
partner of better quality.
That is why we centralize our
customers in all we do.

We are certified ISO 9001 og 14001


 Certified ISO 
9001 and 14001


As a customer at Norden Olje you will find only committed employees focussing to find optimized solutions even on your most demanding challenges within the cleaning hygiene reparation and maintenance industry.

We deliver highly effective quality products and value adding solutions which we have been our trademark for more than 20 years. Around 100 employees are doing their best to make an effort for more than 15.000 customers in the Scandinavian countries. The relation to you as a customer has the greatest priority at Norden Olje.

Great quality to us is not only according to the applications of the product but also that the customer will experience a kind and professional treatment from our employees. Our focus on quality is also to secure that we will deliver the products ordered on time.

With our skills we are able to guide our customers about the best products, solutions and methods in cleaning. Therefore Norden Olje employees are all trained to answer your demands – And be surprized of how much we are able to help you with.